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Teer Results, Shillong Teer Results, Khanapara Teer Results, Night Teer Results

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Welcome to Teer Results website.
Teer is a traditional game of Meghalaya, India.










We provide here Shillong Teer result, Khanapara Teer result, Night Teer Result, Juwai Teer results.
Timing of update is based on web host speed.







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Check our Teer Common Numbers regularly.







We update Shillong Teer results from the Polo ground of Shillong before the result declared on board.







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Shillong Teer results
Khanapara Teer results
Juwai Teer results
Night Teer results
Juwai Teer Result
FR (01:45PM) SR (02:30PM)
34 67
Juwai Teer results are subject to internet connection availability.












Shillong & Khanapara Teer results are often from Juwai result.













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So keep checking previous Juwai teer results.
Khanapara Teer Result
FR (04:10PM) SR (04:45PM)
52 07
Khanapara Teer results are subject to Internet connection availability.













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Shillong result first round and second round.
Shillong Teer Result
FR (03:55PM) SR (04:51PM)
27 63
We update Shillong Teer results instantly from the Polo ground, Shillong.















We update result before the result declared in game Board.



















Please be alert that Teer game dosen't have any making numbers.
Update time may vary day to day.
Night Teer Result
FR (08:15PM) SR (09:00PM)
91 41
Updated: September 23 2023 04:52:10 PM.




What is Teer Common Number? - Teer Common Numbers are based on some calculations of previous teer result and target. Check our Teer Common Numbers daily. We provide Teer Common Numbers for Shillong Teer Number and Khanapara Teer Number in separate chart.




What is Previous Teer game result? - Previous Teer Result are always important for regular Teer game players. A regular Teer player must have the record of previous teer results. Check Previous Teer Results at our website.




TEER players often use to check for Numbers that their dream says. Your DREAM may have the TEER Target number. Check your DREAM NUMBERS at our website. You should know how to play with Dream Numbers.




What is Teer Formula? - There is no MAKING NUMBER in teer game. TEER NUMBERS are based on mathematical FORMULA. You can find tips and idea about the Teer Formula at our website. We use to keep updated Teer Formula on regular Basis.